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Audio: Small things big difference

February 20, 2017

In Paul Worcester’s last conference workshop, he shared some biblical principles on how to stay focused on the great commission.

In this workshop, Paul shares some principles from the Bible and his own life on the importance of growing in faithfulness in the “little things.”

The workshop hits on how a commitment to faithfulness influences everything from work habits, studying, time management and even your thought life.

Paul shares how his generation is often high on passion but low on follow through in responsibility and how he had to learn the hard way in this crucial area of life.

Listen to this message with your team of student leaders or someone you are discipling and discuss the reflection questions below.

Reflection Questions

What stood out to you from this audio message?

What is one area that it is difficult for you to be faithful in the “little things” of life? What would it look like for you be faithful in this area?

What is one specific thing that you can to do to apply this message to your life?

You can find a Bible study by Paul that includes the importance of faithfulness here.