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Five things your single staff women are too scared to tell you

December 6, 2015

Dear Campus Director,

Do you have a minute? Your single staff women asked me to tell you something. 

Single staff women from eleven campuses told me what they secretly wish their campus directors understood and I’ve compiled the five most frequent responses, sans tears and emojis.

  1. You’re incredible! I really admire and respect you and your family. I trust your leadership and would follow you anywhere. I am so grateful to work for you! You intimidate me, which makes it hard for me to open up and ask questions sometimes. I want your approval. I have learned so much about Christian living by watching you and your family—one of the few Christian families I know.
  2. Affirm me. I need to hear you say “good job”… a lot. I know it might seem silly, but if you don’t affirm me, I automatically assume that I didn’t do a good job and you are disappointed in me. Do I add value to the staff team? Tell me! Are you proud of me? I need to hear it. Do you see specific giftings in me? Point them out. Even when you are intentional about developing me in my weaker areas it communicates value to me! I love when you set clear ministry expectations for me and then acknowledge when I meet or exceed those expectations!
  3. Trust me. When you trust me with a ministry task—even if you probably shouldn’t—it makes me work harder. When you micro-manage, I don’t feel trusted. Challenge me! Believe in me! (Let’s try to forget that time I forgot all the hot-dog buns for the cookout my rookie year!)
  4. Make me get fully funded. I would NEVER admit this to you, (in fact, if you pull me off campus to raise funds, I can guarantee tears), but making me raise 100% of my financial support is one of the most loving, protective things you could do for me. I feel alive, hopeful, and secure when I am fully funded—like a healthy, normal adult who can buy my favorite MAC lipstick before each fall semester if I want to! When I have just enough funds to get through the end of the semester… or month… it’s impossible not to see this job as very temporary. Singleness in ministry is terrifying when I’m at 90% support. And for some reason when I’m at 100% support, singleness in ministry is exhilarating.
  5. Help me. You will never understand how much I appreciate it when you get involved with my life outside of ministry. Remember when you pulled up a chair and asked about my new friends I made at my new church? Or remember when you invited me over for dinner with your family? I felt really valued. I might need help with my taxes and a budget. And my car has been making this weird noise for two months now, but I don’t really have anyone to ask about it. When you genuinely care about my life, I feel really loved.