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An interview with Jimmy Seibert: The local church

December 11, 2017

This is the third in a four-part series about Jimmy Seibert, a college ministry legend who started a worldwide movement.

Last week, in part two of this series, I talked with Jimmy about teaching the basics of discipleship in order to change the world.

For our third installment of interviews with Antioch leader Jimmy Seibert, you’ll want to grab your senior pastor.

While local churches around America are warming to the idea of college ministry, very few have given it a prime spot on the mantle of their church. But for this senior pastor and movement leader, college ministry has been and always will be a front burner priority.

Find out why Jimmy boldly keeps it front and center and how he strategically and practically weaves it into the calendar and fabric of the local church he leads.

Tune in to part four as I talk with Jimmy about what it takes to make life-on-life discipleship a reality.