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Reaching students to reach the nations

January 15, 2018

The torch of reaching the world for Christ has been passed to us today.

But does God really expect us to reach “ALL NATIONS” with the love and message of Jesus, or was the Great Commission merely the Great Suggestion?

Why would God command something so impossible to obey? He might as well command toddlers to fly 747 airplanes. Ludicrous!

Through this 20-minute podcast and its supplement slides, Tyler Ellis peels back the curtain on one of Hell’s best kept secrets: college campuses as part of God’s strategy for reaching “all nations.”

Whether you’re attempting to cast the vision of Campus Ministry to Christians or churches who don’t yet have it on their radar, or you personally feel the need to rediscover the uniqueness of Campus Ministry in fulfilling the Great Commission, this resource is gold.

You’ll experience epiphanies and goosebumps as you walk through the biblical metanarrative and see the context for Campus Ministry. Bolstered by profound quotations and sobering statistics, expect to be challenged to enthusiastically take on a new role that doesn’t stop at Minister or Missionary, but Advocate of reaching students to reach the nations.