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The Basics: Simple and Reproducible Tools for Discipleship

January 1, 2018

One of the main reasons Christians don’t commit to disciple younger believers is that they aren’t exactly sure what to do or how to do it.

Discipling requires providing affection and direction.

Yes, you definitely need to show love and care for that growing Christian, but what content or curriculum should you use to build into them biblical knowledge, skills, character, and vision?

That’s why we want to keep working on providing you with the best tools possible, so you can, like Paul exhorted Timothy, effectively “entrust” yourself to faithful men and women who can teach others also.

And one of the ministry principles we operate by is that each tool must be basic, simple, and easily reproducible.

For instance, I met for two hours today with a graduating senior about how and why to prioritize the Word in his life.

Yes, I guess I could have attempted to wow him with all kinds of fancy illustrations, amazing stories, Greek and Hebrew words, and in depth quotes from commentaries. But, if he walks away primarily impressed with me, we both lost.

However, if he walks away with the thought, “That was so simple, so basic, that even I could share that with someone else—no problem.” YES! You both won.

So, exercise extreme self-control with your awesome Bible knowledge, and every time you meet with your growing Christian, evaluate your content and material by asking yourself:

  • Was it simple and reproducible?
  • Will this young Christian be able to easily duplicate it with someone else?

Evangelism tools

To practice what we preach we want to share with you several basic and easily transferable evangelism tools:

I got to lead a guy to Christ about a month ago just reading through the Four Laws with him.

Now, tomorrow, he and I are going to meet with one of his fraternity brothers and he is going to take his buddy through the Four Laws. I will just watch!

Follow up tools

After the evangelism tools, we want to provide you some excellent follow up tools that will aid you as you try to get new believers started in their new faith. Tools and topics like:

Establishing tools

Now, the time to start zeroing in on establishing this young Christian has arrived. We’ll address topics like:

We have worked and prayed hard to gather biblical and practical tools for you to use, tools your disciples can grasp and then pass on to others.

Over the course of this five month long series, evaluate each tool we are presenting.

Does it make sense? Will it help your young Christian friend? Are you sure it meets the criteria you have set to move your disciple to the next stage of growth?

Let’s make certain you’re well equipped with the tools to commit to the task.

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