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This Change is Everything: The Hope and Future of Gospel Mission book review

November 20, 2016

In This Change is Everything: The Hope and Future of Gospel Mission, I walk you through the history of God using young people to transform individuals, communities, cultures and nations. I’ll show you how enormous obstacles we think prevent us from being a part of changing the world — things like parents, money, debt, getting a job — are not obstacles, so much as opportunities to see God at work.

This book might just change your life. Don’t read on unless you’re willing to be challenged, to be changed, and to come to a crossroads where you seriously have to ask yourself how God wants you to be involved in transforming the world.

Ten years ago, a girl I know, Michelle, went to Japan as a missionary after coming to a that very same crossroad. After training, and with an open heart, she began to make friends with students on a campus in Tokyo. She noticed Japanese students really love their music; they love hip-hop and dancing. So Michelle did something I would never have done in a million years: she started a hip-hop dance club.

A few times a week Michelle, would gather her new friends and they would dance. Michelle would teach, they would practice together, and then go out to eat. After a month or so, a student in the club, Yukina, asked Michelle why exactly she was in Tokyo that year. She said, “I am here to help students like you understand God’s love for them. He has changed my life, and he can change yours too.”

Fast forward ten months. Yukina had become a follower of Jesus through her friendship with Michelle. Yukina eventually led her sister and her parents into a relationship with God. The next summer they were baptized as a family. Lives changed as they heard and understood the story that is consistent through the Bible—God’s heart for the nations.

God wants you to be a major player in his story. He wants to use you to be a blessing to the nations, and to those around you, as Michelle was to Yukina and her family in Japan. This book is written with you in mind. God wants you to understand his story and his love for the nations and cultures he has created. Many of those nations live in your dorm, neighborhood, or school. But be warned, as you come to understand God’s heart for the world, your heart will grow as well. You will become a world changer.

The first half of this book is spent diving into the history of young people’s impact on world missions. The second half dives into the obstacles they faced as they considered crossing cultures and sharing the reality of Jesus Christ with people around the world. Through it all you will see how God has indeed made you a world changer.

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