Daniel Jarchow

Lead Planter at the University of Washington in Seattle, Sojourn Campus Ministry

I was born in Memphis, TN but spent most of my formative years in Jonesboro, AR. I'm in ministry because Jesus transformed my life the summer after I graduated high school. He freed me from a lot of addictions and shame. Faith is difficult for me in many ways so I'm passionate about helping students wrestle with doubt. I connect with unchurched students well when we're able to talk about their wrestling with coming to faith because of that. My life's passion is to help students know Jesus in a way that makes sense of their context, which is vastly different than previous generations. That's been my journey of faith. I'm married to Holly. No children yet, although our Cockapoo, Milton, turned 2 today. I'm on facebook at Daniel Jarchow. Our ministry website and blog is Holly and I love the Pacific Northwest because we're explorers at heart. We love experiencing new cultures, trying new foods, hiking mountains, etc. It's an honor for us to get to lead the team that we do. They're the most passionate, salty people we know.

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