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Be inspired by our keynote talks, but dive deeper and learn from veteran practitioners in our workshops. Below is a start of our workshops offering under our key categories, which will continue to grow. You’ll be able to attend 6, but we’re planning over 30 workshops specifically designed for collegiate ministry leaders like you.

Personal Development

How to prepare and give a great talk
Goal setting, time management, discipline
Women – Balancing Seasons of Life in Campus Ministry
How to help students (and staff) conquer porn
Personal finances 101
Roadmap to a Fully Funded Ministry (staff, leaders, and project support)
Continuing in campus ministry into your 30’s, 40’s & beyond

Leadership Development

The First Two Years: How to develop your new staff personally and professionally
Modeling: What should you be doing FOR your staff/students and WITH your staff/students?
Conflict Resolution: Why, When, How?
Area, Regional, and National Directors: How to Balance it All


Apologetics Crash Course
Key Tools for Sharing the Gospel
How to Recruit/Launch/Lead an Evangelistic bible study
Training students in evangelism
The First 7 Days: How to follow up a new Christian

Disciple Making

Essentials in Establishing a New Christian to become a disciple
How to Recruit/Launch/Lead a Discipleship group
Equipping a Disciple to become a Disciplemaker
Raising up strong 3rd and 4th generations

Mission Mobilization

How to build world vision into your students
Planning/Leading Mission Trips
Becoming a Mission Sending Factory
Starting and multiplying a world prayer movement

Campus Strategy

Become a Master Recruiter to Everything
Moving from a Ministry to a Movement (Farming vs Playing with Plants)
The 3 M’s of a Movement: Momentum, Multiplication, Management
Three types of small groups in every campus ministry

Collegiate Church Leaders

Becoming a “go to them” church instead of just a “come to us”
Making disciples in and through a local church
Collegiate Pastors – building the most strategic team in the church
Collegiate Church internships that really work

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