Featuring: Beau Crosetto | November 12, 2021

Episode 25 | Campus Ministry that is Beyond Awkward with Beau Crosetto

Listen in and level up your ministry with Shad and Paul as they interview Beau Crosetto of InterVarsity. Beau has been with InterVarsity for the last 16 years and lives in Louisiana overseeing the effort to reach all 38 campuses across the state!

He has published a book on evangelism entitled,  Beyond Awkward, and frequently trains churches and groups to move beyond the fear that grips us when it comes to talking about Jesus. He also has his own podcast on the roles of the apostolic, prophetic and evangelistic callings in todays world. Called: Release the APE Podcast.

Show Notes:

Release the A.P.E., How to Welcome a Prophet


Beyond Awkward

Every Campus Initiative