Featuring: Steve Shadrach | November 20, 2020

Episode 1| Creating an EDM Culture of College Ministry

We are launching a podcast!

Here at CMT we are dedicated to helping equip campus ministry leaders. Our goal is to build a global community of church-based and campus-based workers focused on reaching, discipling, and sending out the next generation of Christian laborers to impact the world for Jesus Christ.

For ten years we’ve been packing our website CampusMinistry.org with hundreds of great resources to inspire you and provide practical tools to launch and multiply your ministry. We are praying for thousands of campus-changing, world-changing movements on university campuses across the planet.

With veteran campus workers Steve Shadrach and Paul Worcester as your tour guides, this audio and video podcast will encourage and equip you with practical ideas as they interview the top collegiate ministry practitioners in the world.

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Find more info at our breakout segments below:

Why Collegiate Ministry

How I got started in evangelism

College students haven’t change much

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