Featuring: Isaac Jenkins | February 23, 2022

Episode 33 | Reaching Greeks on Campus with Isaac Jenkins

Listen in and level up your ministry with Shad and Paul as they interview, Issac Jenkins of Campus Outreach.

Issac went to college at the University of Arkansas where he joined a fraternity.  He saw God do some amazing things and decided he wanted to minister to frat stars. Issac joined staff with Cru in 1990 and was placed at Auburn University where he met his wife.

After 4 years at Auburn, Meg and Issac were asked to reopen the Cru ministry at Ole Miss. They have now been at Ole Miss for 26 years. He recently joined Campus Outreach in December of 2000 and continue to minister at Ole Miss. Their three kids, Zac, Gray and Ruthie are all currently in college at Ole Miss. Issac ministers at Ole Miss but also consult with ministries around the nation in ministering in their greek systems.

Show Notes:

Leaving a Legacy

Would Jesus had Joined a Frat?


Email: isaac.jenkins@campusoutreach.org