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CoJourners Equipment Pack

by Keith Davy

The CoJourner philosophy says that everyone is on a Spiritual Journey, whether moving towards the Lord or away, everyone is moving. The role of a CoJourner is to come along side with someone in their Journey and learn how they can motivate them closer towards God.

The Equipment pack is a free to download that contains twenty 8-12 minute equipping discussion to be integrated into a small group format. The lessons break down the different roles that the student can take as a CoJourner in the lives of others:

The Explorer: engages in significant conversations to discover and understand the spiritual journeys of others. Being an explorer involves active listening and asking questions.
The Guide: shows the way to faith in Christ. Being a guide involves sharing your life-story and articulating the gospel in conversationally appropriate ways.
The Builder: builds bridges over and beyond the issues and obstacles that hinder others in their journey to Christ. Being a bridge building involves prayer and gentle persuasion.
The Mentor: encourages others to follow Christ. Being a mentor involves helping others make relational connections to other believers and imparting foundational concepts for Christian living.