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The Discipleship Road Map and Discipleship Ladder

by Steve Shadrach

Global Ambassador, Center for Mission Mobilization, Fayetteville, AR

The Discipleship Road map and Discipleship Ladder are two illustrated tools to help you understand, teach, and recruit to the discipleship process.

Here is an excerpt from Chapter 5 of Fuel and the Flame: 10 Keys to Ignite Your Campus for Jesus Christ by Steve Shadrach that describe how to use these set of tools.

“Before we actually implement our ministry, we first need to understand what our ultimate goal is. It’s fine to know the seasons and stages of ministry, but what will the students look like when we are finished with them and pass them onto their next assignment in life? God is the one who is at work in them and through them, but He has chosen us to help shepherd them during this pliable phase of their life. To give us a little direction, we’ve included some profiles, which the Navigators and others have used in the past, to help the Christian worker understand the end result we are working toward. You might want to use these profiles to guide you in your ministry and also to evaluate where each of your students are and need to go. These profiles are not taken from any particular chapter of the Bible but are simply descriptions of some of the scriptural characteristics that ought to be present at each stage of a Christian’s growth. Sprinkle them with grace, understanding that who and what we are is just as important (or more!) as what we
do in the Christian life and ministry.”


The Discipleship Ladder is something you can draw out after you review the profiles on the Discipleship Road Map. The Ladder is to be used as a recruiting tool to let someone identify where they feel they are at spiritually, expose areas of need, and allow them to invite you into their life to help take them further on their spiritual journey.