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Falling Plates

If you’re looking for a fresh and contemporary way for your students to present the Gospel to their friends and classmates, then consider this video Falling Plates. This video presents the story of how Christ saved us from our sins and offers all of us reconciliation with the God that loves us. The complete lack of “christian-ese” and the use of modern and non-traditional imagery results in a Gospel story that is completely new and accessible to your typical post-modern student. The film is short, to the point while at the same time engaging.

After viewing the video the student has the option of clicking the “join the conversation” icon and continuing their spiritual investigation further. At the falling plates website, there is an invitation to share where they currently stand with their willingness to follow Jesus (i.e. “I want to”, “I am trying”, etc). Then once they submit their answer they are invited to either continue the conversation (by signing up for emails specific to their situation) or explore articles that likely answer the questions they have about Christ (powered by

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Using this in your ministry

This video has more potential then simply a method for presenting the Gospel one on one with your student’s friends. It’s online accessibility and automatic follow up capabilities makes for a very easy campus-wide outreach. Start a campaign on your campus driving students to view the video using the twitter hashtag #FallingPlates or by starting a Facebook page specific to your campus and this video. Hundreds and even thousands of students on your campus could hear the Gospel in a new and relatable way, and “continue the conversation” with the students in your ministry.

If you can think of more ways to use this video or if you have stories of how you’ve seen it successfully used in your ministry, please share it with us all in the comments section below.