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Going Greek Without Compromising Your Convictions

by Ryan Leong

Challenge CSUC
Published by CMM Press

Are you thinking about joining a fraternity or sorority? Maybe you are discipling someone interested in “going Greek?” If you have anxiety about yourself or someone you mentor getting swept away by the party culture of the Greek system, you’re in the right place. This is a resource for believers who are interested in entering the Greek system and for college ministry leaders leading them. I hope to spark interest in you towards reaching the Greeks by becoming one of them, without compromising your convictions and devotion to Christ.

It is my personal belief that the Greeks are one of the major unreached groups at the university and that student leaders of collegiate ministries should take advantage of the opportunity to be in chapter houses! Many of the Greek chapters around the country have no faithful followers of Christ in their midst. This is such a missed opportunity considering that becoming a brother or sister in a house provides a steady influx of people with whom to share the gospel. People are more inclined to be open with someone they trust and know. These men and women are capable of influencing people around the world for the rest of their lives. They inherently have a drive to make a difference and impact the world. Is there a better way of directing them to their true purpose in loving the Lord and making His name known by becoming an insider?