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If You Share the Gospel

by Brian Zunigha

Director of Discipleship, California Baptist University, Riverside, CA

In this audio file Brian delivers a powerful message that is hard-hitting, funny, relevant, in a winsome way that is much needed in today’s campus ministry culture. Let him challenge you, convict you, and inspire you to share Christ more intentionally with those who so desperately need Him.

Outline of his seven principles from scripture

  • Be purposeful in your discipleship – Jesus made followers into fishers of men.
  • Be intentional to share the gospel – it is a specific message given at a specific time.
  • A transformed life sharing the transforming power of the gospel is a powerful combination.
  • Share the gospel in an attitude of grace.
  • The gospel always produces fruit.
  • The gospel is global in scope and meant to keep expanding to the least reached peoples at the ends of the earth.
  • Jesus was focused on seeking and saving the lost (not the saved). We should be as well.

Reflection Questions

What did God teach you about evangelism, the gospel, or the lost?

What is one way you could apply this talk this week? 

How can God change our ministry to reach more lost people? 

Are you convicted or convinced enough to do something about it? If not, why?