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Let the Nations Be Glad

by John Piper

This may be one of the most influential, most read, most respected books this century on God’s global mission. Yes, it is that good. Let the Nations be Glad is deep, theological in focus, and explores significant themes:

  • The purpose of missions (worship of the one true God)
  • The power of missions (wartime prayer)
  • The price of missions (suffering to reflect Christ’s worth)
  • The result of true saving faith (the supremacy of God in all things)
  • The scope of missions (every people group on the planet).

This book will make God, His will for your life, His plan for the church, and your heart for the nations bigger, richer, more complete, and more compelling. It will break down some paradigms you have of God and what He is about and create new ones. It’s not a book you want to chug like Gatorade, but one you want to savor like a nice bottle of wine (or grape juice, whichever you prefer).