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Reaching Internationals .com

A great way of helping students in your ministry gain a heart for the world is to help them see that the world is all around them. Students from all over the world are right there on their campus wanting to learn about America and broaden their horizons.

However special considerations need to be made when reaching out to international students. They have different felt needs then the typical college student and of course there is a lot of variation within them. To help over-come these obstacles and guide you and your students in reaching out to internationals there is the very comprehensive website “”

What it is

Reaching is a website devoted to helping anyone wanting to build relationships with international students for the sake of spreading the gospel. Most of the resources provided on this site are in the form of simple articles, although there are many resources that can be downloaded directly to your computer as well. Topics include: how to meet internationals and build relationships, how to present the gospel to them, how to meet their felt needs while in America, and even how to build lasting movements specifically for them.

reaching internationals

A very helpful aspect of this website is the way that it provides specified resources for students from Chinese, Japanese, South Asians, and Middle Eastern backgrounds. You’ll learn Do’s and Don’ts for these specific groups (helping you avoid those cringe moments…as priceless as they sometimes can be) as well specific strategies and resources for reaching out to them.

How to use it

While this website can be inspiring for new ideas in reaching out to internationals, it can be overwhelming as well. A better way to use this website is to first figure out what your needs for guidance are first and then search the website for your answers. For example, say you want to help your students search for international students to reach out to so they can gain a heart for the world. Well then you would focus in on the “Connect” section of the site and the many articles found there. On the other hand if you’ve already identified a group of Internationals you and your students would like to reach out to, then you can focus in on the articles found in the “Cultures” section.

Tip: All the articles found on this site offer a print format that you can make multiple copies of for a team or group meeting.