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SEND International Missions

Hopefully as Campus Ministry Leaders we are all doing our part to help our students understand that they need to have a heart for the un-reached people of the world. That there are people in this world that not only have no idea who Jesus is, but do not know anyone that knows of Him either. But what do you do when your students have grown a heart for the un-reached so big that they actually want to be the ones to take the Gospel to them? How do you help if your organization doesn’t have good opportunities for them?

SEND is an interdenominational Christian mission organization with over 600 missionaries in more than 20 areas of Asia, Europe, Eurasia and North America. Their mission is to mobilize God’s people and engage the unreached in order to establish reproducing churches. And they have great opportunities and resources for your students and ministry.

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Opportunities for Your Students

SEND Summers– These short-term opportunities allow students to serve alongside SEND missionaries and national believers for 2 weeks to 3 months. Possible ministries include evangelism, discipleship, camp ministry, TESOL ministry, children’s ministry, and many more adding up to a total of 22 opportunities. SEND will match your students with the trip that fits them best. Or if they are in need of an academic internship, they will work with them to meet the specific requirements.

Mid-Term Opportunities– If your student is ready to graduate and take a big first steps towards long term missions then they can engage in a mid-term mission with SEND. They are looking for passionate Christians to spend 2-3 years engaging the unreached and establishing reproducing churches. These missionaries will serve on teams to creatively reach the lost, disciple new believers, train local leaders, and plant indigenous churches. Opportunities include various forms of teaching ministry, children’s ministry, youth ministry, university ministry, business as ministry, and so much more adding up to a total of 156 different opportunities.

Explorer Track Conference– If your student feels ready to engage in long-term missions to unreached people groups, they can go to an ‘Explorer Track’ as a part of their initial investigation of long-term missions through SEND. It is a 4-day track blended with the SEND Family Conference. Each ‘explorer’ is assigned a coach during the conference and will attend three group sessions for all explorers to help them in their research of SEND’s ministry opportunities. To attend, they must have filled out a Preliminary Questionnaire and be recommended to attend by a SEND mobilizer or missionary.

Additional Resources for your Ministry

 The SEND YouTube Channel– SEND has short videos about missions, missionaries, and church planting from around the world on their YouTube channel. These videos can be used for sermon illustrations, missions conferences, or even in your discipleship appointments with students growing in their missions perspective.

360 Missions Podcast– This audio series features stories and interviews from all over the world. SEND international can help you expose your students to first-hand accounts from their missionaries and church-planters. Use them at weekly meetings, small groups, or in one-on-one discipleship appointments.