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The GOD Test

The best evangelistic strategies start conversations—conversations that allow you to both listen to a person’s story as well as share God’s story.

No one agrees with this more than Dr. Rice Broocks, creator of the S.A.L.T. Method and The God Test. The S.A.L.T. Method uses an acronym created by Broocks to help people to remember to Start Conversations, Ask Questions, Listen, and Tell a Story. The God Test is the tool he created to help facilitate these exact type of conversations.

The most unique aspect is that it provides 10 questions to use with those that don’t believe in God, and 10 questions to use with those that DO believe in God.

Watch Broocks explain the tool, find training resources, and get the app here.

How to Use This Tool

This tool is intended to develop students’ in their ability to engage people in conversations about their beliefs as opposed to preaching at them. Do not send your students out on campus with this tool without training them in at least how to share their personal testimony. The best case scenario would be to use this tool once a student could offer Biblically informed answers to all the questions presented in this tool, and they should listen to others first before presenting their perspective.