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The Ultimate Road Trip

If you could take 15+ veteran campus staff, lock them in a room for a year to develop a training manual for leading small groups, this would be the result. There is nothing like this in college ministry. This will help make any Spirit-filled believer become a better leader of others in a small group setting. There is no content for your small group, just a collection of best practices. It’s like a swiss army knife of small group training. Lots of utility there, but you do not need all the functionality. However, I am grateful though when I have a rogue hair, that there is those tweezers. Sometimes of you will refer to this guide when there is an issue, others might want to read the whole thing. Here is what you get:

  • How God has used small groups
  • Power of small groups
  • Essential qualities of a leader
  • Choosing your purpose and content
  • Fostering life change
  • Preparing for and planning your small group
  • Tips to create community
  • How to ask good questions
  • Dealing with issues
  • Raising up new leaders
  • Some suggestions for curriculum from CCC

What we liked

  • Each chapter has real examples of almost every principle. It was created for students and staff in college ministry. It is not just a book of principles and theory. There are some good stories in there.
  • It is organized like a handbook. You can dive in to a section, grab what you need and get out. You might want to read it once and then keep it around to refer back to for ideas or a refresher. It is easy to see what is contained in each chapter on and turn right to it.
  • The large amount of practical strategies, tools, and tips. It is packed with wisdom in only 175 pages.
  • Best Stuff- The assessment questions on p.37 to help you discern where your people are at spiritually. Icebreakers on p.85-89 are useful for a new group and helping students get to know each other. The section on how to ask good questions is money, p 101-103 as well as how to work learning activities into your lesson to make the big idea stick, p. 105-107.


What could be improved

This was created for Cru staff and students. It comes out in some of the language. It would take very little to make the book speak to those in local churches and other ministries. We need more resources that appeal across all of collegiate ministry.

Though organized well, in parts it is a very busy book. If you like stimulation (most young people today), you will like the format.