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Transferable Concepts

by Bill Bright

Passing on the truth of God is one of the corner stones of good discipleship. It’s what Christ told his disciples to do when he gave them the Great Commission, and it’s what Paul told Timothy to do when he was giving his final encouragement to Timothy’s ministry. So obviously it’s kind of a big deal.

The difficult thing is that it’s not always easy to pass on what you know to be true about God and His Word. Sometimes a concept can be clear in our minds but we just can’t find a way to communicate it well enough. Or sometimes we’re freakin’ awesome at explaining a concept, but we leave our disciples so intimidated by our amazing similes and metaphors that they never feel adequate to explain it to someone else.

Bill Bright’s Transferable Concepts

For over 50 years Campus Crusade for Christ has been using a series of articles written by their founder Bill Bright to remedy this situation. These 10 Transferable Concepts are designed to help disciplers pass on essential truths to disciples in a clear and transferable way. Topics Include:

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These articles are free to download from CruPress green, and even though they were written elevendy-billion years ago in young people’s term, they’re still just as relevant and effective as they were in the beginning.

For online versions that come in multiple languages visit the transferable concepts website (a little out-of-date but still helpful) at:

How to use them

These articles can be used in two different ways. You can either print them out and use them as discussion material for you and your disciple(s). Or you can use it as a personal development tool that enables you to learn how to communicate essential Biblical truths to your disciple(s) whenever you need to. You can always print corresponding article out later for your disciple(s) to refer to and potentially pass on to others in the future. In either case it is advisable to read over the article a few times yourself to make sure that you have a grasp of the material.

The articles do not need to be read in any particular order even though they are numbered 1-10. Therefore you can pick and choose which articles to read or discuss with your disciple(s) depending on their needs.


There are certainly more dynamic and engaging materials out there that can explain the concepts expressed in these articles. These articles are basically the straight dope…no illustrations, no study or discussion questions, just content. The simple benefit of these articles is their clarity, thoroughness, and transferability.