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Unsatisfied Conversation Starters

by Sean Vollendorf

Regional Director, Student Mobilization, Phoenix, AZ

A discussion guide for use with

Unsatisfied: Finding the Life You Can’t Stop Looking For

by Sean Vollendorf

Whether we consciously know it or not, we’re all looking to be fulfilled, to be satisfied. We live in a generation with easy access to mind-blowing experiences, endless entertainment, and all the worldly pleasures our hearts could desire.

Unsatisfied” explores this search for satisfaction, taking students on a simple, personal, and often hilarious journey from feeling an unnamed hunger to fulfillment through a relationship with Jesus.

An excellent book to give non-believers and young believers to keep the conversation going after gospel appointments or over winter or summer break.

Copy a few of these conversation starter questions each week into an email or text, staying in conversation with students who you are encouraging to read the book.

These conversation starters also make it easy to use “Unsatisfied” in an investigative small group or book club.