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Free Digital Evangelistic Bible Study: Discovering Purpose

Evangelistic Bible studies are one of the greatest tools for sharing your faith with people who are far from God or not sure about what they believe. The goal is to create a low pressure and relational environment where anyone can come and honestly explore God and the Bible. This four week study is created specifically with lost people in mind. Make sure to check out the leaders guide for tips on launching and leading your group. There is a guide for leading your group online or in person. This system is designed to be simple and reproducible so that any student can be equipped to lead a group of friends to explore their purpose and relationship with God.

Evangelistic Bible Study Series Handouts

Discovering Purpose Session 1

Discovering Purpose Session 2

Discovering Purpose Session 3

Discovering Purpose Session 4

Discovering Purpose Leader’s Guide (In Person)

Discovering Purpose Leader’s Guide (Online)

This study was written by: Paul Worcester, Noah Denney and Hannah Denney