Tyler Ellis

Director, English With Friends

Tyler has been in ministry since 1999, including five years with the Adventures In Missions program, and fourteen in College Ministry. For ten of those years, he served on the Campus for Christ board, helping plan an annual conference (CampusForChrist.net). In 2020, he started a new ministry called, English With Friends, through which he trains churches and College Ministries to develop cross-cultural friendships by way of conversational English using the Bible. Tyler is the author of the award-winning book, "Question Everything: A fresh way to read the best-selling book of all time." He also gave a rare TEDx Talk about Jesus and the afterlife which tells the story of his experience interviewing 50 college students and professors. You can watch the presentation at BTylerEllis.com, where you’ll also find a free Discussion Guide. For fun, he enjoys dating his wife and playing with his kids; reading and writing; making art; playing racquetball, volleyball and disc golf; watching good movies and listening to good music; going to classic car shows and browsing antique shops; and exploring man’s cities and God’s creation around the world. Connect with him on Twitter at @BTylerEllis.

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